The following client feedback has been used with explicit consent. To maintain confidentiality, some names have been changed.

"Talking to someone who was objective and outside my family, empowered me. Faith in myself as a person has been restored." - Michelle

"When I started counselling with Annette I was at an extreme low in my life. Talking to somebody who would not judge me and who took their time to help me through what was a very difficult time was exactly what I needed." - Peter

"This has been my first ever experience of counselling and I have found it to be a very positive one." - Siobhan

"I am so grateful to Annette, the counselling sessions that I have had with her have not just given me the tools to make positive changes in my life but considerably helped to change how I feel about myself in general." - Helen

"I found talking to Annette very easy. She is calm, measured and a very good listener who does not judge. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me." - Jennifer

"Annette has helped me so much with coming to terms with the loss of my partner, something that I thought would not be possible." - Margaret

"Initially I did not think that I needed counselling, but just talking through the issues that I was facing helped in so many ways. It was much better to vocalise my problems rather than just thinking about them." - Simon